Terracotta roof tile is made from natural clay and these are a very durable and resilient roofing material, just like concrete tiles. If you’re looking for a roofing material that maintains its look, for decades, terracotta tile roofing Sydney may just be the perfect choice for you. We at Sdyney Roofing handle all types of residential and commercial terracotta roofing installation, repair and replacement projects.

We use high-grade materials sourced from reputed terracotta roof tiles suppliers and provide guarantees for our work. As a fully-licensed and insured company with years of experience behind us, we know what it takes to provide high-quality solutions at very cheap roofing prices.

Terracotta Roof Tiles – The Benefits

Durability – When you opt for terracotta tile roofing Sydney of reputed brands like Boral, you enjoy a 50-year warranty on the products. These tiles are manufactured to provide decades of trouble-free service and will add to the integrity and aesthetics of your home’s structure. These tiles are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and the un’s UV rays without becoming damaged or losing their finish.

Fast color – High-quality terracotta roofing tiles substantially retain their appearance over the years, maintaining the aesthetics of your property over time. The natural clays that go into making terracotta tiles are kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures that lend them their outstanding strength and character, with high color retention.

Salt Safe & Frost Resistance – These tiles are also salt safe and have frost-resistance properties, making them ideal for any locations including coastal areas.

Thermal Performance – Terracotta tiling has very high thermal performance qualities, which means it provides good insulation from the outdoor temperatures and improves the comfort levels and energy-efficiency of your home. In addition to this roofing, you should ensure that you also install good quality sarking; this enhances the insulation aspect.

Acoustic Performance – Terracotta tiles like concrete ones are quite dense, and this helps in sound-proofing indoor spaces from external noises like traffic, trains, and airplanes.

Low maintenance – Terracotta roof tiles have negligible maintenance requirements for the lifetime of the roofing structure. If any section of the roofing ever requires modification (such as the installation of skylights etc.)or becomes damaged due to a heavy impact, only the affected tiles would need to be removed or replaced.

Fire Resistance – Good quality terracotta roofing tiles are also non-combustible and they are one of the best options for properties located in bush-fire prone areas.

Rainwater & Tank Safety – Companies like Boral manufacture terracotta tiles that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. And as long as you maintain your roof well and keep it clean, they are suitable for collection and reuse of rainwater.

Terracotta Tile Roofing Sydney Maintenance and Repairs

Regardless of which way you look at it, your roof is vital to the overall appearance and integrity of your home. If it is leaking or compromised in any way, it can lead to expensive replacement or repairs down the line. This is why it’s important to ensure your roof is always in a good condition and in a state of good repair. We at All Sydney Rendering are experts at cleaning terracotta roof tiles and provide replacement services, and you can rest assured that the feature will add to the aesthetics and value of your property.

Roofing is pretty crucial to the integrity and overall look of your home. If it is compromised and is leaking it can lead to costly repairs or replacement down the track. A newly renovated roof can also add value to your property. But a roof installation or replacement represents a considerable investment and we are a company that recognizes this fact. It’s why we offer extremely cost-effective services.

Terracotta Roofing Cost

If you are planning on replacing your roofing, you need to know what the estimated cost would be, before you make your final decision about the materials to be used. When it comes to the cost of installing a terracotta roof, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into account such as

  • Brand of terracotta roofing tiles you choose
  • Size of your roofing structure, in square meters
  • Angle or the pitch of the roof
  • Accessibility and location
  • Labour costs the roofing contractors charge

Other Terracotta Tile Roofing Sydney Costs to Include

Roofing estimates are always priced per square meter. The cost of supply and installation can vary widely. You also need to factor in costs of sarking, guttering and fascia replacement or repairs in case any are required.

When we handle your terracotta tile roofing Sydney project, we take all these aspects into consideration; we will include them in the quote once we have surveyed the structure and you have confirmed which services you need. Our comprehensive quote will also include removal of the existing roofing materials and their disposal and finally tidy up. For excellent terracotta tile roofing solutions, great customer service, and reliable professionals, you need to look no further than Sydney Roofing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!