New Roofing

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Installing a new roof is a big undertaking and should be planned carefully. A good roof is expensive, but it will last for decades without many problems and will require fewer repairs so your initial upfront investment pays off in the long run. A good new roof also adds considerable amount of value to your property and you can recover most of the installation cost upon sale...

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Roof Replacement

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Most roofs last for decades without needing to be replaced, especially if you’re maintained them well over the years. Even the most affordable roof can last for at least 15 years without much wear and tear. All building structures, including the roof, eventually need to be repaired or replaced completely in order to provide the performance and protection you need...

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Concrete Tile Roofing

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Today, there are a number of new roofing materials on the market; but concrete roofing is one of the most widely used products even today. Many people like the appearance of traditional tiled roofing but the costs of this material can be quite high. The good news is that you can get the appearance of tiled roof at a much lower cost with concrete roofing...

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Terracotta Tile Roofing

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Terracotta roof tiling is made from natural clay and these are a very durable and resilient roofing material, just like concrete tiles. If you’re looking for a roofing material that maintains its look, for decades, terracotta tiles may just be the perfect choice for you. We at Apollo Roofing handle all types of residential and commercial terracotta roofing installation, repair and replacement projects...

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Colorbond Roofing

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Installing a new roof or replacing the old one is an expensive and time consuming project. It’s important to explore all your options carefully and determine which kind of roof is most suitable for your requirements and property’s architecture. In recent years, Colorbond roofs have risen in popularity because they have proven to be attractive, durable, and resilient in Australian weather conditions...

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Roof Repair & Maintenance

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Australian weather can be tough on the roof, regardless of the roofing material. Even the most resilient and well-installed roof will eventually deteriorate and develop problems. The best way to keep your roof in a good condition and ensure it lasts for a long time is to hire a reliable professional to repair and maintain it. At Apollo Roofing, we have worked in this industry for over 25 years and are familiar with how a roof system works so you can rely on us to perform excellent repairs and offer our honest opinion on the condition of our roof.

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Lead Flashing

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The roof is meant to form a tight seal over your property and ensure no water seeps through the roofing material and causes problems. However, just installing shingles doesn’t provide enough protection because there are gaps between shingles in certain areas of the roof. These gaps are usually sealed with the help of flashings. At Apollo Roofing, we know how important flashings are to the function and integrity of the roof and have experience with both repairs and installations...

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Fascia & Guttering

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When you get good quality guttering installed along with your roof, you don’t have to worry too much about it becoming deteriorated or damaged. High grade gutters last a long time; however if they need replacing, you shouldn’t defer it until “next year.” A leaky gutter can cause significant damage to your home’s structure; and by the time the next year actually comes around, you may find that the feature has deteriorated even further and that you have to pay far more for the gutter repairs in Sydney...

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