Most roofs last for decades without needing to be replaced, especially if you’re maintained them well over the years. Even the most affordable roof replacement Sydney can last for at least 15 years without much wear and tear. All building structures, including the roof, eventually need to be repaired or replaced completely in order to provide the performance and protection you need. At Sydney Roofing, we provide comprehensive repair and replacement services so all you need to do is call us and explain what you need to our roofing experts. They’ll handle the rest and ensure your newly replaced roof is secure and resilient.

All Kinds Of Projects

We have been a part of the roofing industry for a long time and understand the roof replacement Sydney process well. We have the skill, equipment, and manpower to handle residential and commercial roofing replacement.

Residential roofing replacement – We’ve handled a number of residential roofing projects over the years and are aware of the general requirements and expectations of our clients. Our experts will explain everything that’s involved in the Sydney roof replacement process and help you make the right choices with regards to your budget, roofing materials, and design. With their assistance and honest advice, you can be certain your roof will be strong and resilient, and that you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Commercial roofing replacements – Commercial roofing comes with its own set of unique challenges and requirements. Most commercial clients want the project complete in a set deadline because they don’t want to experience any downtime. They also don’t want to spend too much and direct resources away from other aspects of their business. Our roofing experts understand the requirements of commercial clients and work with them in order to get the best results.

We can handle small-scale as well as large-scale roofing replacements so don’t hesitate to call us regardless of the size of your property. All you need to do is give us a call and explain what you need. Our roofing technician will arrive at your property and carefully assess the condition of the roof before they work on the project.

Different Types Of Roofs

We have experience installing and replacing different kinds of roofs so you can choose any material you like based on your requirements. Here’s what we can handle for you

Tile roof – Concrete or clay tiles require special installation techniques so you need a professional to handle the project. We will carefully remove your existing roof, measure the space in order to determine how much material you need, help you choose the right design, and then carry out the installation carefully.

Asphalt roof – Asphalt roofing material is comparatively lightweight and if you have one layer of it installed, you can easily add another on top of it without having to remove the older roof entirely. We only remove the worn down roof if it compromises the structural integrity of the new roof or the underlying frame. Asphalt is also quite versatile so you can choose different colors, textures, and designs for your roof.

Metal – Metal roofs have become very popular in the recent years, especially with the introduction of stainless steel sheeting with special weatherproofing added to it. We specialize in metal roof installation and understand the process like the back of our hand. We’ll make sure your roof looks sleek, modern, interesting, and is properly installed. We’ll also explain the pros and cons along with the maintenance requirements of metal roofing so you can make the right decision.

We can also handle other new roof installations and other materials like wood shakes and shingles or slate. Just tell us what you prefer and we’ll handle the rest.

Full Roof Replacement Sydney

Many roofing contractors can only replace the top layer of the roof and don’t know how to replace the entire structure. We can handle full roof replacement in Sydney and make sure your roof is brand new from top to bottom. Here’s a brief glimpse of how we handle these projects:

Our roofing expert will examine your roof thoroughly determine whether you need a full roof replacement and offer their honest advice on the matter.

Once you make your decision, we will discuss the type of roof you wish to install and offer our recommendations.

After you’ve chosen the material, we’ll carefully remove the existing roof material and then start installing the new roofing system on your home.

Our technicians will double check the roof system carefully to ensure its properly installed before they consider their job complete.

Average Cost Of Roof Replacement

The average cost of roofing can vary. This depends on the material you use, the condition of the existing roof, the amount of time taken for the installation process and other such factors. We provide accurate and comprehensive quotes for every replacement project so you know how much you would need to spend.

If you want excellent roof replacement Sydney services, great customer service, and reliable professionals, you don’t need to look further than Sydney Roofing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!