The roof is meant to form a tight seal over your property and ensure no water seeps through the roofing material and causes problems. However, just installing shingles doesn’t provide enough protection because there are gaps between shingles in certain areas of the roof. These gaps are usually sealed with the help of flashings. At Sydney Roofing, we know how important lead flashing Sydney are to the function and integrity of the roof and have experience with both repairs and installations.

What Are Lead Flashings?

Flashings are thin pieces of impermeable sheet-like material that can be placed on the gaps between shingles and roof structures to ensure there’s a tight seal on the roof. They’re usually installed around chimneys, vent pipes, skylights, roof windows, etc, to minimise water penetration. They can be made from different kinds of materials like aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc allow and lead. We can install and repair all kinds of flashing but we usually recommend lead flashing Sydney. Here are some of the biggest advantages of this flashing material:

  • Durable – Lead is a very durable material and can last for decades if installed correctly. This material is responsive to the environment as it expands and contracts with the atmospheric changes. That helps the flashings settle and adjust to the shape and size of the roof easily. This flexibility ensures you don’t have to deal with frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Malleable – Lead is quite malleable and flexible so it can be molded into different shapes and sizes easily. This means we can shape it to fit the contours of the roof structure without investing much effort or time.
  • Fire resistant – Lead doesn’t catch fire, which offers some protection to your home, especially from weather storms.
  • A good barrier – This material provides an excellent barrier against moisture, heat, radiation, and even sound. Sydney Lead flashing will help you maintain a better environment indoors.
  • Appearance – We can alter the finish and appearance of this metal to make it appear less metallic and visible. The flashing will blend into the roof surface so you won’t have to deal with shiny and reflective spots on the structure.

Lead Flashing Price

Lead is one of the most expensive flashing materials available in the market but the cost is well worth the results. Most roofing installers will use code 4 lead flashing on the roof as that’s the maximum allowed thickness for soakers. Lead flashing in Sydney can range between code 3 to code 8 depending on their thickness. Code 3 can only be used for soaker while code 4 can be used for soakers, flashing, and vertical cladding.

Code 4 lead sheets are 1.80mm in thickness and weigh 20.41kg per square meter, which is great for a number of residential and commercial applications. Different manufacturers set different code 4 lead flashing prices depending on their thickness, weight, and size.

We will inspect your roof and measure the areas that require flashing carefully to determine how much material we need. We will then calculate the time and labor involved in order to provide you with an estimated cost of installation. You can make your decision to install based on that.

Installing lead flashing Sydney for roofs

We have over 25 years of experience with roofing repairs and installations and so understand the lead flashing installation process. We’re also familiar with different flashing brands and products available in the market and will only use the best and more resilient material on your roof. Our goal is to ensure the lead flashing is installed correctly and protects your roof and property from all kinds of weather conditions.

Residential – We have worked on several residential installation projects in the past and know what our residential clients prefer when it comes to flashing and roofing. We make sure the lead flashing is installed carefully and doesn’t disrupt the beauty and design of your roof. We’ll also double check the installation to ensure there’s no room for leakages or gaps between the flashing, shingles, and roof structures. You can also call us for adding flashings around newly installed structures like skylights and windows. We handle all kinds of residential projects, including small installations.

Commercial – Commercial installations need to be done quickly and efficiently because commercial clients want to minimise downtime as much as they can. They also want to save money wherever they can so we make sure we keep the cost of the installation project low. We measure the area to be covered carefully and don’t order any excess material for the installation. This minimises wastage and helps save some money on the installation of lead roll flashing.

We also handle fixing damaged lead chimney flashing and ensure all of the areas on your roof are adequately protected from the elements.

If you want excellent lead flashing Sydney services, great customer service, and reliable professionals, you don’t need to look further than Sydney Roofing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!