Installing a new roof or replacing the old one is an expensive and time-consuming project. It’s important to explore all your options carefully and determine which kind of roof is most suitable for your requirements and property’s architecture. In recent years, Colorbond roofs have risen in popularity because they have proven to be attractive, durable, and resilient in Australian weather conditions. At Sydney Roofing, we have installed many Colorbond roofing Sydney during our lifetime and understand the process well.

What Makes Colorbond Roofing Special?

Sydney Colorbond roofing is made from metal, which isn’t a traditional roofing choice and that makes people hesitate when it comes to installing it on their property. Most are under the assumption that all metal roofs are noisy and will absorb heat. That’s not the case with Colorbond roofing Sydney and here are some reasons why you should consider installing this roof

Little to no maintenance – Colorbond roofs require little to no maintenance, even after years of exposure to the harsh weather conditions. The color is bonded to the material so it doesn’t fade, chip, or peel, so it’s less likely to experience wear and tear. The material also doesn’t develop cracks so it won’t leak and cause water damage to your interiors.

Great building material – Colorbond is a great building material and is suitable for all kinds of roofs, whether they have pitch, no pitch, or a very steep pitch. The material is also very lightweight so it doesn’t burden your property’s frame. Other roofing materials like tile and wood are heavier and place the considerable amount of pressure on the foundation.

Insulation – The surface reflects heat instead of absorbing it and radiating it into your property. Colorbond roofing comes with Thermatech® technology that increases the reflective property of the material and helps maintain a comfortable climate indoors.

Environmentally friendly – All Colorbond roofing in Sydney material is completely recyclable so you don’t add to the planet’s accumulated waste.

As you can see, Colorbond steel roofing is a great choice for many residential and commercial properties owners. You can discuss this material and its qualities with our experts in detail. They will explain the pros and cons so you can make the right decision.

All Kinds of Colorbond Installation

We can handle all kinds of roofing installation so don’t hesitate to call us regardless of the scale of the project; we can handle roofing for a small home or for expansive commercial properties as well. We can install a new roof or even replace your existing roof with excellent Colorbond panels.

Residential Roofing in Sydney– Metal roofing has only recently started to become popular with homeowners. As Colorbond roofs offer both weather and sound insulation, homeowners are more willing to use this material. We work with homeowners and help them choose the best fit for their home. Colorbond roofs are available in in different colors and textures so we make our recommendations based on the aesthetics and architecture of the structure that it will sit on.

Commercial roofing in Sydney – Commercial roofing requires a different kind of planning and installation. We have worked with several local businesses and understand the concerns of our commercial clients. We help them choose the right product that’s ideally suited for commercial or industrial environments from the range provided by Colorbond. We will also help ensure the installation fits into your budget and isn’t too much of a financial burden on your business.

Roofing Prices

We provide detailed and accurate quotes with the latest prices and there are never any hidden costs. That should help you plan your budget and make the required arrangements.

The Colorbond Roofing Sydney Installation Process

Metal colorbond roofs are significantly less complex to install than tiled roofs, and the process generally doesn’t take more than a couple of days (based on the scale of the project).Metal roofs are required to be installed as per the Australian Standard – design and installation of metal roofing. We will first put up the fascia’s and guttering and the roofing materials will be delivered to the site. The horizontal battens are then installed onto the trusses, and these support the roof cladding. The sarking layer is installed over this after which the actual colorbond roofing sheets are installed and the capping is fitted across the across roof hips, the ridge of the roof, at the fascia’s etc.

If you want excellent colorbond roofing Sydney services, great customer service, and reliable professionals, you don’t need to look further than Sydney Roofing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!