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Apollo Roofing Services in Sydney

Roofing Services Sydney

Your roof is one of the most important structures on your property. It protects you from the outdoor environment and limits the amount of heat, dust, and moisture that can enter your home. While the roof is designed to withstand these conditions and continue to provide protection for a long time, it does succumb to wear and tear after a while. You eventually need to repair the roof or replace it entirely and for that, you need reliable roofing contractors or roofing services Sydney.

At Apollo Roofing, we have all the skill, experience, tools, and training required to repair or replace the roof. You can trust us to be thorough and meticulous with the inspection and installation and don’t need to worry about frequent repairs or problems for a long time.

Types of Repair and Re-Roofing Services in Sydney We Provide

We provide a wide range of repair, roofing services and re-roofing solutions to our clients so you can call us whenever you face a problem with your roof. We can handle everything from small roof repairs to full roof replacements.

New Roofing in Sydney

We can install a brand new roof on your property securely and ensure it looks great. Our installation experts will help you choose the best roofing material, discuss the installation budget carefully, and consider your requirements before they plan and execute the installation project. We’re experienced roofing services Sydney provider and roofing contractors and have worked with different kinds of materials and roofs so you can rely on us to provide a diverse range of new roofing solutions. We make sure the installation is done carefully to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Roof Replacement in Sydney

Your roof has a limited lifespan and while you can extend this lifespan with the help of good maintenance and regular repairs, eventually you will have to consider replacing it entirely in order to save money and provide your property with better protection. We can handle the re-roofing and roofing services in Sydney for you and here’s how we do that:

Our roofing experts or roofing services will examine your roof carefully and provide a comprehensive report on its condition. They offer their honest recommendations about roof replacement along with a quote.

Once you make your choice, our installers will go forward with the roof replacement process. Our first step is to help you choose the roofing design and materials so your roof matches the overall architecture of your property.

We then remove the existing roof without causing any damage to the frame and base.
Our team will then install the new roof over the frame carefully and double check the installation to ensure everything is secured properly in place.

Colorbond Roofing in Sydney

Metal roofing has become very popular in the recent years, especially because modern metal roofs provide superior weather protection and look sleek at the same time. We’re very familiar with the different options available in the market and that includes Colorbond roofing. This company provides a large selection of roofing metal sheets of different colors, textures, and uses. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Choose the Product – We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of Colorbond roofs carefully and explain the maintenance requirements as well. That ensures you choose the product with eyes open.
  • Style and Color – If you decide to install Colorbond roofing, we will help you choose the right design and texture and ensure the roofing style matches the architecture of your property.
  • Material – We will then measure the roof area carefully and determine how much sheeting material the project needs. This ensures we don’t order too much or too little, which can prove to be expensive.
  • Installation – Once we have the material, we can continue with the installation. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to ensure the roof is installed correctly and securely.

If you want excellent roofing services Sydney, great customer service, and reliable professionals, you don’t need to look further than Apollo Roofing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Thanks for a job well done. The finished job looks secure and tidy. You completed the re-roofing work in the time you specified and have left the property clean and tidy. Thanks again.

Craig K - North Sydney

The roof looks sensational. Your attention to detail and your workmanship is second to none. We are really glad we chose Apollo Roofing to re-roof our home because you have been very professional, on time and have given us a quality job. Thank you guys.

Lisa H - Epping

5 stars for quality, 5 stars for price, 5 stars for service, 5 stars for expertise, 5 stars for the roof, 5 stars for timing – everything done on time. We are incredibly happy dealing with Apollo Roofing.

Harry B - Burwood

Hi, we can’t believe it could have been that easy to repair our roof. Every step of the process was easy and it was done so quickly. The response the entire job was simply perfect! We highly recommend Apollo roofing to everyone.

Brad W - Picnic Point

Our work was for replacement of a roof on a 30 year old split level house. From start to finish they have been great! Extremely happy and would have no hesitate recommending them to others.

Ron Zizoli - Penrith